Amorphis, guys, what have you done?

The level of joy these 6 Finnish musicians brought about is quite unexpected, but here we are. A couple of weeks after their concert in Sofia I still can’t stop listening to the band. This will be one of the long rides: I will gradually buy the whole back catalog, listen to every album at least twice, and learn quite a few songs by heart.  A glorious and all too familiar path, except I thought I have outgrown a bit this reckless and complete joy for music.

Strangely, I listened to the band before, I have three of their albums, and saw them live twice. Always liked the crisp melancholic, melodic sound, the energy and the fairy tale quality of it, but never more than now.

The Circle European tour seems a blast! (Not to mention that the album itself is dark, heavy and stoically beautiful.) This time the gig was in a club and probably that made it extra special. It took this laid-back, completely rock & roll atmosphere to really connect. We were celebrating every song, as we shed our mundane selves to become once again dreamers, rockers, teenagers, people with huge smiles, as crowd surfers passed overhead.

Amorphis are the real deal – they held nothing back, travelled to reach us, went on stage without any pomp, and celebrated some smashing music with us. While the world around is steadily becoming more unsafe and insane with clamp-down on civil rights, rise of dictatorships and warmongering, to re-live this kind of old-school freedom was a gift.


Finns are not famous for outpour of emotions, yet the guys managed to get across a genuine sense of togetherness with their southern and rather ecstatic audience.

This was a show to remember. I left with a smile, with energy and courage, which still stay with me. As does the music.

Amorphis, brothers, cheers and thanks for the joy! \m/

Amorphis played on March 18, 2014 at Mixtape 5 club in Sofia, Bulgaria. The concert was a part of their promotional Circle European Tour and marked the 8 anniversary of Tangra Mega Rock Radio.